CWA AWARDS - Gold Dagger
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Year Author Title
2015 Michael Robotham Life Of Death
2012 Gene Kerrigan Rage, The
2011 Tom Franklin Crooked Letter Crooked Letter
2010 Belinda Bauer Blacklands
2009 William Brodrick Whispered Name, A
2005 Arnaldur Indridason Silence Of The Grave
2004 Sara Paretsky Blacklist
2003 Minette Walters Fox Evil
2002 Jose Carlos Somoza Athenian Murders, The
2001 Henning Mankell Sidetracked
2000 Jonathan Lethem Motherless Brooklyn
1999 Robert Wilson Small Death In Lisbon, A
1998 James Lee Burke Sunset Limited
1997 Ian Rankin Black And Blue
1996 Ben Elton Popcorn
1995 Val McDermid Mermaids Singing, The
1994 Minette Walters Scold's Bride, The
1993 Patricia Cornwell Cruel And Unusual
1992 Barbara Vine King Solomon's Carpet
1991 Colin Dexter Way Through The Woods, The
1990 Reginald Hill Bones And Silence
1989 Colin Dexter Wench Is Dead, The
1988 Michael Dibdin Ratking
1987 Barbara Vine Fatal Inversion, A
1986 Ruth Rendell Live Flesh
1985 Paula Gosling Monkey Puzzle
1984 B. M. Gill Twelfth Juror, The
1983 John Hutton Accidental Crimes
1982 Peter Lovesey False Inspector Dew, The
1981 Martin Cruz Smith Gorky Park
1980 H. R. F. Keating Murder Of The Maharajah, The
1979 Dick Francis Whip Hand
1978 Lionel Davidson Chelsea Murders, The
1977 John LeCarre Honourable Schoolboy, The
1976 Ruth Rendell Demon In My View, A
1975 Nicholas Meyer Seven-Per-Cent Solution, The
1974 Andrew Price Other Paths To Glory
1973 Robert Littel Defection Of A. J. Lewinter, The
1972 Eric Ambler Levanter, The
1971 James McClure Steam Pig, The
1970 Joan Fleming Young Man, I Think You're Dying
1969 Peter Dickinson Pride Of Heroes, A
1968 Peter Dickinson Skin Deep (Glass Sided Ants Nest)
1967 Emma Lathen Murder Against The Grain
1966 Lionel Davidson Long Way To Shiloh, A
1965 Ross McDonald Far Side Of The Dollar, The
1964 H. R. F. Keating Perfect Murder, The
1963 John LeCarre Spy Who Came In From The Cold, The
1962 Joan Fleming When I Grow Rich
1961 Mary Kelly Spoilt Kill, The
1960 Lionel Davidson Night Of Wenceslas, The
1959 Eric Ambler Passage Of Arms, A
1958 Margot Bennett Someone From The Past
1957 Julian Symons Colour Of Murder, The
1956 Edward Grierson Second Man, The
1955 Winston Graham Little Walls, The

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