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Year Author Title
2017 Luana Ehrlich Three Weeks In Washington
2016 Lou Berney Long And Far Away Gone, The
2015 Will Thomas Fatal Enquiry
2014 Jack Shakely Che Guevara's Marijuana And Baseball Savings And Loan
2013 Linda McDonald Crimes Of Redemption
2012 Constance Squires Along The Watchtower
2011 David Gerard God's Acres
2010 Kirk Bjornsgaard Confessions Of A Former Rock Queen
2009 Carolyn D. Wall Sweeping Up Glass
2008 Rilla Askew Harpsong
2007 Sheldon Russell Dreams To Dust: A Tale Of The Oklahoma Land Rush
2006 David Kent Black Jack Conspiracy, The
2005 Will Thomas Some Danger Involved
2004 M. K. Preston Song Of The Bones
2003 Diane Glancy Mask Maker, The
2002 Douglas Kelley Captain's Wife, The
2001 Carolyn Hart Sugarplum Dead
2000 William Bernhardt Dark Justice
1999 Billie Letts Honk And Holler Opening Soon, The
1998 Rilla Askew Mercy Seat, The
1997 Stewart O'Nan Names Of The Dead, The
1996 Billie Letts Where The Heart Is
1995 William Bernhardt Perfect Justice
1994 Eve Sandstrom Down Home Heifer Heist
1993 Rilla Askew Strange Business
1992 Robert. L. Duncan Serpent's Mark, The
1991 Linda Hogan Mean Spirit
1990 Robert Love Taylor Lost Sister, The

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